The Chakra Experience will take you from Base to Crown chakra and far beyond.

Chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of higher vibrational nature so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body. Keeping these energy centres balanced and aligned is important for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

I have put together everything I have learned, and wisdom from my own experiences with crystal and chakra healing, into one in-depth course for everyone to access. In this course you will discover the beautiful synergy of crystals and chakras. You will see how using the energy of stones from Mama Earth can help us achieve peace, balance and unlimited potential by removing blocks and aligning our energy centers.



Learn the science behind how crystals work, crystal care and how to choose a crystal, how to sense crystal energy and more


Understand your energetic body and what role the chakras play with your mind body and soul. Learn what defines a healthy chakra


Journey through the 7 major chakras, learn their functions, properties, associated crystals and their role in our physical & mental health


Learn how to diagnose energetic imbalances and perform a chakra healing session with crystals, on yourself or clients


Access a collection of crystal layouts, used for specific ailments and situations. Learn where to place the crystals and why!


You'll also discover the history of crystals, healer preparations, chakra mantras, and so much more!


FREE Chakra Self Journey eBook

Part learning part healing journey, as you work through this course you'll also be taken on a journey of your own chakras, exploring and assessing your history and habits that are contributing to the current health of your chakras. I'll provide you with journalling prompts and affirmations for each chakra, as you can begin to understand your own path in life and how to move energy so you can create the life you dream of.

This e-book is worth $17, but I will gift it to you FREE when you enrol today

"This course is brilliant! There is so much in-depth, but not too far in-depth information - it is the perfect balance. It is easy to navigate and spend as much or as little time you want each time you come in. I have loved learning this course and the support is amazing, it feels like you have a team on your side rather than doing it alone. Thank you!"

- Stephanie

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Chakra Healing with Crystals, it was so well presented, easy to follow and fun. Jackie’s knowledge, passion, empathy and guidance is truly amazing. This is exactly what I have been looking for and I found it with House of Energy. I am forever grateful for coming across your course. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain more clarity, confidence and knowledge around chakras and crystals."

- Melinda

"Your class was very easy to follow and I did learn new things I had not heard about chakras previously. Great class price and product. THANK YOU!"

- Angela

"Chakra Healing with Crystals is a great foundation course into exploring how to balance the chakras. I love that I can integrate it with my coaching practice and use it to support the women I work with."

- Natasha

"This course is a fantastic entry course into chakras and crystals. As a newbie to both, it was easy to understand and also retain the content, as well as being enjoyable to learn. I can use what I have learned into my own personal journey, and even help heal others with crystals. Thank you Jackie for creating this."

- Tessa


Membership to the House Of Energy School website with your own account - this is where all of your learning will take place. Our website is very easy to track your course progress lesson by lesson. This is a self paced course!

  • 39 lessons with video instruction
  • Lifetime access to the course and any future updates
  • A step-by-step PDF healing guide to have it in front of you during sessions
  • Numerous worksheets and downloads to enhance your training
  • Access to the House Of Energy student community where you can talk to past and present students and share your crystal healing journey
  • A frame-worthy certificate of completion issued by House Of Energy
  • A printable workbook of journalling prompts and affirmations so you can really explore your own chakras and clear any blocks contributing to the current health of your chakras 
  • A new and empowered you, the creator of your health, wealth and happiness!



But wait, there's more. No steak knives here sorry, but when you enrol you'll also receive TWO bonuses:

  • An amazing PDF booklet of activities and techniques to strengthen your own chakra energy such as foods to nourish the chakras, creating a chakra altar, how to align all the chakras at once, how to perform a daily energy field clearing on yourself and more.
  • Essential Oils & Chakra mini eBook guide, with a printable chart to what oil corresponds with each chakra. Useful for those who enjoy working with essential oils as vibrational medicine.
This is exclusive content I don't share anywhere else!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. During the course I will explain just how crystals work in this healing capacity and we will delve deep into just what the heck a chakra is! There is a private student group you will have access to where you can ask questions, find support and meet partners to practice your new skills with. So if you're new to the world of crystals don't worry, we have your back!
You will need:
  • 1 pendulum (I recommend clear quartz)
  • 1 of each of the following - red jasper, carnelian, tigers eye, green aventurine, blue calcite, lapis lazuli and moonstone

Make sure the stones you select are comfortable to use on the body - flat stones, small roughs or tumbled crystals are all suitable.


This Chakra Experience is a 100% online program, with one module unlocked every week. Lesson delivery is via video with downloadable PDF worksheets to enhance your training.

Upon completion of the course you may use this modality for yourself or with friends and family. If you have an existing holistic business you can add this to your services, or perhaps you are wanting to start a healing business from scratch. We have had students enrol for both business and personal goals.

Life happens, I get it! If you need to take a break, don't worry - you can complete the course in your own time and there's no extra fees. You have lifetime access to the course and all future upgrades! 

Yes! As of 2020 we now offer The Chakra Experience under a payment plan. You can click here to jump straight to that option.

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