How To Choose A Crystal

Aug 06, 2019

When I talk to people about crystals one of the most common things I hear is "but I just don't know where to start!" And it can be over-whelming - there are literally thousands of types of minerals, crystals and stones! How does one choose a crystal? But finding the right crystal for you to work with at any given time is simpler than you think.

The methods I'm going to explain here can be used when purchasing a new crystal from a store, or when you're selecting one to work with from your own collection.

Sensing their energy

One of the most commonly used methods to choose a crystal is by sensing which crystal you need.

Start by quietening the mind and taking a few deep breathes. This will help you feel centred and let you align yourself with the intention for the task at hand - to find the crystal you need most at this time. Hover your hands over the selection of crystals in front of you. You may feel some spots are hot or cold, you might get a tingly sensation in your...

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How To Prevent Empath Burnout

Aug 01, 2019

Many people have commented on my self-confidence. In particular, how I seem to not care what anyone else thinks. Or rather, how I don't let it affect me. Water off a duck's back. To many people it looked like I wasn't affected if people didn't like me and that I was happy to say "take it or leave it... you either love me or you don't!" But the truth is, I have always tried to please others.

I would dumb myself down in conversations to please others (still working on that). I would ask people questions and get them talk about themselves because people love that ego stroke - if they were happy to talk about themselves then I didn’t have to! But more importantly if they were feeling good then I was feeling good. But I still left the situation feeling drained and disappointed in myself.

It's only been in recent years where I have explored this part of my personality. Why am I such a people please, yet at the same time I really don't care what people think...

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How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Jul 28, 2019

Cleansing your crystals is very important and there are many ways to do so. Crystals absorb positive and negative energy from their surroundings, people who handle them and the process it went through to end up in your hands (from the miner to the retail store and all in-between). Crystals also need to be cleansed before and after you use them for healing or meditation. Unless they are regularly cleansed, they will hold onto these energies. Furthermore, a crystal may even tell you that it needs to be cleansed - their colour may fade or seem dull, and they just won't feel right to you. Below are some methods you can use to cleanse your crystal and bring back their natural energies.


Immersing your crystals in the smoke of burning Sage or Palo Santo is an easy and popular way to cleanse them. Hold your crystal in the smoke for about 1 minute or until you feel it's vibration start to shift. This method is useful when wanting to cleanse lots of crystals at once as you can...

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